Chemical Engineers in here? Doubting my abilities....

<p>So far I have aced Calc I, Calc II, Chem I, II, and III. I am set for Linear Algebra(looks hard as h3ll), Differential Equations, Ochem, Multivariable, etc.</p>

<p>But I have searched around and found that people say it is really difficult to obtain a 3.5+ in ChemE. And that ChemE in a whole is super hard.</p>

<p>My question is how is the program you are at if you are ChemE, how hard is it, etc?</p>

<p>This is also having me doubt my abilities, because I am at a community college, and am worried that I will get destroyed as a ChemE at a university.</p>

<p>If I get an A in Calc III, Engineering Physics, and Differential Equations, does that show that I have a chance at getting a high enough GPA?</p>


<p>Look, don't take this bad but nothing will 'show' that you have what it takes until you get there and do it... You are doing well at the CC. What are you worried about? Are your classes rigorous, or are they a joke? If they are rigorous, then know that you are busting them out and have what it takes. Why rely on strangers for confidence? Quit searching on the internet to find out if you are a good student. Be smart when you transfer to the Uni and take a lighter load so that you can transition and not freak out. That way you will know what kind of load you can take in the future.</p>

<p>You have a chance of getting a 3.5+ if you have decently good math and a strong, consistent work ethic.
You have a chance of getting a 3.9+ if on top of that, you have extraordinary natural ability. That, or I guess a really easy grading system.
ChemE is the most labor-intensive engineering major, so it's pretty hard to keep it up.</p>