Chemical/petroleum Engineer Hopeful

Hey guys, I want to Major in chemical or petroleum engineering. And have narrowed it down to a few colleges. My top choice is UT Austin for petroleum or chemical (petroleum is first choice ). Other colleges are Texas AM (petroleum only), Wisconsin UMich Georgia Tech UMinn UDelaware (all chemical ). I am a junior in hs but I expect to graduate with a 3.86 weighted gpa, 2290 on sat (1500 M and CR). I am the treasurer for the local habitat for humanity, volunteer every summer in local hospital (250 hrs), and tutor two kids in Chemistry. I took AP human geography last year and got a 5. This yr I’m taking APUSH, AP Chem, AP Physics 1, and AP Econ. I should get 5 on all. Also next yr I’m taking AP Gov, Physics 2, Statistics, and Environmental (expecting 5s). I took Chem, Physics, and Math II Sat subject tests. I got 800 in math, 770 in Chem, and 750 in Physics. With these credentials what are my honest chances of getting into my top colleges?

PS: the reason why my GPA is so low is bc I got a 3.4 freshman year,.but then I got 4.05 sophmore yr, and will get 4.26 jr year.

I’m almost 100% you will get into UT. It isn’t too selective and your stats are great.

Thank You for your reply! I realize that general admission for UT isnt that hard but I heard Cockrell School of Engineering is hard to get admission into. Also there are around 10-15 kids from my school applying to UT and most of them have better stats then me so will that hurt my chances?

It depends if your school has a history of a lot of them getting in. Also, I my perception is kind of skewed due to being instate. Cockrell has around a 1378 average SAT cr+m. But since your OOS, I would put it at 1450. Your SAT is better than average, however you’re ECs are a bit medicore. Still you have great chances for UT.

Also how about the other schools I mentioned? Do you know about their requirements specifically?