Chemistry and Lab? What not to take together?

<p>How hard are the Chem classes and the Chem labs in comparison to each other? Which ones should not be taken together/ with other classes like LS? I'm premed and a second year and i've only taken Chem 14a and LS2 so far...</p>

<p>I really wouldn't take more than 2 science classes per quarter. 1 per quarter is manageable. 2 is a bit out-of hand. 3-4 is instant death. </p>

<p>With that being said, if you like chem THAT much...then take chem 14b and bl at the same time. it doesn't sound very fun.</p>

<p>I've taken Chem 20B and 20L together, and I would say it's pretty doable, though, I would admit I had slightly easy and/or nice professors. 20L's not hard, it's just EXTREMELY tedious and time consuming. If the 14 series is like the 20, it's not really the difficulty you should be worrying about, but the time you have available.</p>