Chemistry anyone?

<p>I have heard great things about the engineering and history departments, but not so great things about math. (90% failure rates with some professors, etc.) Does anyone have any experience with the chemistry department and that path as a major? Any information at all would be appreciated, as it looks like there are not a lot of chemistry majors there.</p>


<p>@midwest2mom, I was told that MO S&T just built a brand new Chemistry building. Presently the Chem department is sharing a building with Bio Department. MO S&T is expanding their Science side. It has to be something good going on there. lol. I
I have not heard of a 90% Math failure rates with some professors. So far, I have had conversations with the Engineering and Science Department heads. Maybe I should find out what's going on with their Math department, as there are lots of math courses in Engineering.</p>

The new building is Bartlesmeyer (I think that is spelled correctly) and it is the new Bio Chemical Engineering building. I haven’t heard of the 90% fale rates, but some of our math classes are notoriously hard. One of my favorite professors Dr. Runnion this past semester completely re-wrote the calculus sequence (Calc. 1-3).