Chemistry Assessment Test

<p>So I'm currently part of the Freshman Science Honors program, but my participation is dependent on the chemistry assessment test. I need to score a 17/25 to continue in FSH. The problem is, I only took chemistry as a sophomore (at the honors level), so it's been two years since I even looked at chemistry. I'm going to use a Barron's book to review concepts, but I'm basically starting from scratch because I haven't done chem in about two years.</p>

<p>Does anyone know about the difficulty level of this exam? Does it consist of many advanced, complex problems, or is it more a test of basic chemistry concepts? Thanks for any input!</p>

<p>i remember it being basic stuff and think i did pretty well on it. i dont remember my score.</p>

<p>I was accepted to the fsh as well, but in the end chose to decline (as i hadn't taken ap bio and my ap chem was crap).</p>

<p>anyways, the freshman science honors biology sections are easier than the regular bio sections and the chemistry honors sections are harder than the regular sections (what i heard from my friend in fsh). after the fall semester, so for the spring, there are some ppl who drop the honors chem and only do the honors bio too.</p>