Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

<p>My son is looking at either Chemistry or Chemical Engineering. How well are these programs at UofR? And how would they compare to Carnegie Mellon?</p>

<p>We were looking at Carnegie Mellon, seemed to be a good match for him. Just recently his school nominated him for the UoR Xerox award for High School Juniors. It is worth $7500/year if you are accepted and enroll.</p>

<p>UofR seems to be a very similar type of school to CMU - with kids that are talented in a variety of areas, not just technology kids. he likes that.</p>

<p>Quick facts about him..
4.0 Unweighted
~4.4 weighted (they mark down for an A-)
All honors/AP - took highest course offered from 9th grade on
2250 SAT - he may take another time or two and possibly superscore a little higher
NMS/PSAT - in running for the semifinalist selection in the fall
TX Private High School
Great EC's - mostly service based including setting up a math enrichment program at an underprivledged school</p>

<p>he eventually wants to work towards a something</p>


<p>I don't know much about these two specific programs, but I do know UR has a great engineering school and a great chemistry program going. Check out the two websites in each of the respective departments and I'm sure you'll find some valuable information. Here they are: University</a> of Rochester - Department of Chemistry University</a> of Rochester Chemical Engineering Department</p>

<p>If you look at the front page of the UR Chemistry Department, one of the professors, Rich Eisenberg, was just elected to the National Academy of Sciences!</p>

<p>If he is a National Merit Finalist he will be automatically awarded $17,000/year if he lists UR as his first choice school. A visit to the school will showcase the pretty campus filled with friendly, smart and well rounded students.</p>

<p>Thanks for the feedback.<br>
I have been discussing UofR with my son and we will come and visit. It sure seems like an outstanding school. Hopefully they give tours during the summer.</p>


<p>If you visit in the summer make sure you make plans to go for an interview. This way your son can ask questions and they can get to know him better. It also helps for getting a scholarship. Hope you have a great visit this summer.</p>

<p>UR does hold tours in the summer. </p>

<p>Be sure to call ahead to the admissions office to ask what time the tours get started.</p>

<p>Information Sessions, Tours, and Interviews are held twice each day Monday-Friday, and an Information Session and Tour is offered on Saturday as well...</p>

Info. Sessions are at 9:00 and 1:00
Tours are at 10:00 and 2:00
Interviews are at 11:00/11:30 or 3:00/3:30</p>