Chemistry for Non-Chemistry Majors

<p>Daughter is considering taking Chem 111, in the fall instead of waiting for Chem 108 in the Spring. She is very comfortable in Chem, (3 on AP) but more of a math person. Any thoughts on 111 vs. 108? thanks</p>

<p>Chemistry 111 is more of a pre-med class, so it will be more difficult. I've taken Chemistry 108 and it was very very easy. It's a class to help fulfill the science requirements for people who are not good at science/don't like science. There is also almost no math required for the course. It is very simple chemistry concepts combined with "fun" labs like tye-dying. </p>

<p>On another note, I don't know what year your daughter is, but unless she is a senior she will really struggle to register for 108. It is usually filled with seniors, who by merit of class standing have first registration. I wasn't able to take the class until senior year (and I did it during the summer). There is usually only one section of 108 offered and several of 111.</p>

<p>thanks for the response, sounds a little dicey waiting for a Science divisional until last semester Senior year? must be a big difference. Daughter is an incoming Frosh, so she would be way down the pecking order. While not pre-med she is seriously contemplating going ahead with Chemistry 111. </p>

<p>Since you have opened up the subject, how hard is it for incoming freshman to get the timing they want for say Math 111, she "knows/thinks" she will need to build her schedule around her foreign language requirement (12pm single session per the course schedule), but the Math 111 is her next priority to prep for the major she is targeting. I have been trying to help her think through prioritizing her choices for the rest of her schedule. </p>

<p>I know it works out, but it is a little daunting as a freshman trying to find the right formula. One thing I have tried to share with her that it is sometimes the classes you don't expect -- that in the long run have the most meaning. Appreciate any comments on approaches to scheduling.</p>

<p>I personally waited until senior year to fulfill all of my science requirements (my year had more requirements), but I think it's a personal decision. You have to take into account GPA issues and your science ability. A lot of the freshman pre-med classes are meant to weed out kids who shouldn't be doing pre-med so I would definitely take that into consideration. If she is confident in her chemistry abilities then she should probably be fine. </p>

<p>Honestly, most freshman will struggle to get the timing they want. They are literally last on the registration totem pole and unless you are lucky enough to get the earliest freshman times it is near impossible to get everything (and sometimes anything) you want. I recommend having multiple back-up options, but also having a first priority. The best strategy is to pick the class you must have and try to plan around that one. My freshman year I tried to take classes that weren't necessarily the most popular divisional requirements (or even divisionals at all). This worked really well for me as I got most of the classes I wanted and ended up finding some great professors/classes I really enjoyed. I think the best advice is to be open-minded and not to have your heart set on your "perfect" schedule. You won't get a perfect schedule really until junior or senior year.</p>