Chemistry Graduate School--?

I’m at University of Iowa and a primary biochemistry major, interested in graduate school in either biochemistry or organic chemistry. What are my chances of getting into graduate programs?

  • I have a cum GPA of 3.3 walking into my junior year (I'm on my 5th semester of undergrad)
  • My STEM GPA is around 3.2
  • My declared majors are BS Biochemistry, BA Chemistry, and a minor in Mathematics
  • I've been doing research since the summer after my freshman year, and I have an undergraduate research fellowship for last summer and this academic year (1 year volunteer research, 1 year funded research).
  • I've been a member of Alpha Chi Sigma (professional chemistry fraternity) for two years
  • I've been in the Hawkeye Marching Band for three years (including this season), and I'm an Undergrad Staff Leader this year as a junior
  • I'm a member of MEDICUS and Sigma Alpha Lambda Honors fraternity.
  • Most of my electives are engineering, math, and psychology classes.

I don’t intend on going to any top 15 programs, but would prefer a research-based university and probably going into industry after graduate school.