Chemistry Help

<p>Can anyone go over questions 5 through 9 on the 1994 released Chemistry SAT? </p>

<p>I have no clue how to do them. </p>

<p>I mean, I got the obvious ones right but I'm lacking a non-superficial understanding of these questions.</p>

<li>It has to be (A) dichromate because the product HAS to have a chromium atom from somewhere and be balanced at the same time since you have one mole of everything.</li>
<li>Has to be (E) barium because it has +2 oxidation state, while dichromate has -2. they form an ion with each other. They didn’t have matching oxidation states (same numbers), the molecule formed would have several polyatomic ions.
7.[Barium</a> chromate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia](<a href=“]Barium”>Barium chromate - Wikipedia) apparently barium chromate can’t dissolve in water, but can in acids.</li>
<li>Has to be the opposite of 7, so (C) OH</li>
<li>(D) Cr +3 is the only one left…
Sorry I couldn’t help much with the explanation, I used process of elimination</li>

<p>9 is because you wouldn’t get a dichromate back, you’d get chromium something which is its ion… I think…</p>