Chemistry in Chemical Engineering

<p>In my AP Chemistry class, the units I enjoyed the most were gases, kinetics, thermodynamics, and electrochemistry. The units I enjoyed the least were inter-molecular forces, equilibrium, and electron shells. How much of each unit is used in a typical chemical engineering curriculum?</p>

<p>You're going to get lots of thermodynamics, and you might do a full course on electrochemistry.</p>

<p>thanks steevee!</p>

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<p>Just look at the curriculum of a school that you will consider attending. </p>

<p>eg. UMich's</a> ChE curriculum</p>

<p>hey kid, here is something for you to read on Chemical Engineering in college:</p>

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<p>Thanks JohnAdams! Princeton students sure are lucky to get such a detailed handbook for their major!</p>

<p>In my curriculum and a few other schools', the course description sound deceptively Chemistry-ish.(Chem this, Chem that) But I heard on cc it's actually many more Physics principles in disguise. Sorry OP, not sure if that helps</p>

<p>This freaks me out a bit because the parts of AP Chem that I enjoyed the most were chemical bonding, molecular geometry, intermolecular forces, and equilibrium. I did alright in thermodynamics and was pretty darn meh in electrochemistry.</p>

<p>I'm only a rising sophomore in ChemE right now, but I figured I am taking Orgo this coming year and I still have time if I want to switch to pure chemistry.</p>