Chemistry is a Beast!

<p>Any advice on taking the SATII: Chemistry? I bought the Barron's 7th edition (yet another dent in my wallet) study book, and I've got the month of November to prepare. I am also taking the SATII: Math2C and SATII: Writing (scores 700 and 600 without studying, respectively) on December 4th.</p>

<p>Advice, please? Thanks really! :)</p>

<p>exchange it for princeton review's chemistry book, which has about 100 pages. I taught myself from that book and i got a 780. This is from never studying chemistry in my life as well (and i'm not that smart either my sat score is 1250 but should be higher this saturday)</p>


<p>I seem to have some sort of placebo - whenever i've used anything besides Barron's (for APs and regular SAT1) I haven't done very well :(</p>

<p>But does it have really good practice tests? If you don't mind, what do you think is the best part of the book? For anyone reading this, I think Barron's explains things very well (but it could also be my learning style).</p>

<p>I'm poor, I don't want to buy 5 editions of SAT2 Chemistry prep books. Not to mention the tests itself are so expensive!!</p>

<p>Don't by princeton review. Definetely stick with Barron's. The practice tests in PR are a bit easier than the real thing and Barron's are a bit harder. Barron's review is 10 times better than PR's. PR doesn't cover everything. I'm retaking chem in december and got 720 first time but that was my first experience with SAT testing and ran out of time!</p>

<p>Thank you so much for the tips jawaad87 and NelsonPhu! Maybe it's just learning style more than placebo really.</p>

<p>Random question for folks - what do you usually use? And how do you study for it? (I usually try to do a bit a day, sometimes cram the 2 nights before)</p>

<p>actually, the kaplan was best for me. And Just write a lot of practice tests... I wrotea bout 2/3 real ones.</p>