Chemistry LOR for MIT/Harvard

<p>I am a senior chemistry student hoping to earn a PhD in organic chemistry from either MIT or Harvard. My question is in regards to the letters of recommendation requirement.</p>

<p>Would it be advantageous to have more than three LOR? I am currently planning on getting one from the chem department chair and one from a professor with whom I am doing research. Other potential people that I am considering are: my advisor or another chem professor, the Honors Program director (I'm in the honors program) or a math professor with whom I have had many classes (I have a math minor). I feel that most of these people would be willing to write good letters. Which would be best if I should only send three?</p>

<p>Also, what are my chances of getting into MIT/Harvard. I'm graduating in three years with a chemistry major and minors in math, honors and nanotechnology. My GPA is 4.0 and I'm studying for the GRE's now. I'm also doing a small research project this year.</p>

<p>i attend one of these 2 schools and probably can say that 3 vs 4 letter probably won’t make a difference. letters from people who know your research capabilities are the most important letters. tops scores help, but are not a ticket in. to get into mit/harvard phd you must show some level of excellence and commitment to research. try to get more involved in research. significant and meaningful research experiences is key. everyone in these phd programs more or less have significant (2+years) research experience(s) in their undergrad.</p>