Chemistry Major transferring to UCD! HELP!

<p>Hey Everyone!
I am planning on transferring to UCD in Fall 2012, but I don't have time to finish chemistry and calculus! I am taking Organic chem I and Calculus I, but I have to choose which one to take the second semester in! I am thinking that I should take the second semester of O chem, but how important is calculus II? Every other prereq is met. How greatly would it affect my chances if I don't take Calculus II? PLEASE HELP! I don't know what to do! :(</p>

<p>you’re taking ochem before finishing your chem series? Isn’t that a pre-req? If you’re currently taking ochem there’s no sense in only taking one semester, might as well finish</p>

<p>Take Organic Chemistry at your CCC and take Calculus II through the UC Berkeley Extension online where it is listed as Math X1B. You have six months to finish the course but give yourself at least four months since there are 12 assignments and you can only turn in one a week and then you must arrange for and take a proctored final exam to complete the course.</p>