Chemistry or Biology?

<p>I have to take a lab science. I am a business major. I didn't take chemistry in high school. </p>

<p>Will it be looked down upon if I took College Biology over College Chemistry?</p>

<p>Right now I'm signed up for biology, but I can still switch over to chemistry. My schedule will stay the same. I'm a little nervous about taking Chemistry. Science is far and a way my weakest subject. I have a 4.0 currently so.</p>

<p>What would you suggest?</p>

<p>Would an A in Bio look better or Worse than a B in chem? and bringing down my gpa</p>

<p>then again maybe I could pull off an A in chem.....I have no idea though</p>

<p>Chemistry is typically all math and Biology is mainly vocab. It just depends on what you're better at-- math or language arts. I took AP Chem and regular Chem during high school and college Chem is different than regular chemistry (more math). Biology is all memorization and understanding --how-- something works in ecology, respiratory, etc.. In my opinion, Biology is more interesting but very difficult because there is so much information.</p>

<p>My advice: take what you are interested in. Don't try and look impressive to colleges by putting chemistry on your transcript -- they'll see right through it. If you want to do biology, then do it! </p>

<p>Colleges aren't going to stare at your transcript and be like "OH MY! He/she didn't take chemistry and he/she is a business major! Tsk tsk..."</p>

<p>Well it's not like Chemistry is looked upon more highly than Biology or vice versa. Both classes are respectable. In my own experience I enjoyed Chemistry better than Biology. I took AP Biology my Sophomore year and I was completely lost. I struggled with tests and the concepts associated with Bio and barely managed to pull an 80 for the year.</p>

<p>However I took Honors Chem and AP Chem my Junior and Senior year and I enjoyed them a lot more. I do have to agree with @buckley99. Chem is more math based than Bio. Science has always been my weak subjects but I did pull A's for both classes. As long as you remember the formulas and what they apply to then you should be fine with Chemistry.</p>

I doubt that anyone examining your transcript will be discerning as to what lab course you took for a general education requirement. Neither of those general level courses will be very difficult. Personally, I think Biology will be somewhat easier and interesting to someone with a non-science background. If you don't really care what you learn, take Bio. If you have a slight interest in chemistry, take that instead.</p>

<p>Out of curiosity, what type of Bio is it? Human? Plant?</p>

<p>I've always preferred Chemistry to Biology but there's more math in Chemistry than Bio. I think the labs are more interesting too, but it depends on which you like. Worry about that, not which might be "better" to some especially since you're a business major. At my school, there's a difference in the science courses for non-science majors and us science majors (I'm a chem major). The non-science majors still have a science requirement to fulfill to graduate so they're generally a lot easier.</p>