Chemistry or Math 2?

I’m planning on retaking my USH Subject Test, but I’m not sure what to take for my other one: Chemistry or Math II? Both sound quite hard and it seems that the curve is harsh for both. I’m in Pre-Calc currently, and I’d say my math knowledge is good, but the issue is always pacing for me. (Math was my weakest section in both the ACT and PSAT for me, too). At the same time, I looked at the Chem practice questions and those seemed relatively fine, but there were definitely some topics our class hasn’t covered yet (I am in an Honors Chemistry course, but not AP, since our school doesn’t offer it), and some words/concepts I had NO clue about. Which is also worrying. I’m not sure which test I should take? I’d like to take either Chem or Math II at the very least, because I’m interested in going into STEM. Thank you!

Try taking practice tests for each Math and Chemistry to see where you stand. Depending on that, choose the subject and prepare for it.

I took both, Math II after 9th and Chem after 10th. We also only had Honors and AP Chem; most people in my school take Math II after the Algebra II-PreCalc course. I know more people who found the Math II to be slightly better than Chem. Personally I had to study more for Chem (I don’t actually remember studying for the Math II) because I remember taking real Chem practice tests, only missing a few questions, and getting a score much lower than I expected or wanted. I also remember when I took the Math II, I left 4 or 5 questions blank and thought I missed another, and I was panicking so much afterwards, but I still somehow got an 800. I also left 3 blank on the real Chem SAT and again had a panic attack, but still, 800… (this one made me extremely happy bc)

Sorry if this isn’t too helpful; this is just my personal experience, and I am pretty solid on both subjects. I do strongly recommend that you actually do a practice test of each, timed like the real thing, and then seeing how you feel.