Chemistry subject test

<p>Is it me, or is the chemistry subject really really hard? Yea I'm aware of what type of people are here, but I bought the PR Chemistry Subject Test book and I looked through it. I swear my chemistry class from last year only went through the first 2 chapters from the PR book. The rest of the stuff I've never learned, and it looks like the AP Chemistry exam rather than the subject test. Isn't the subject test supposed to be relatively easier than the AP exam? I looked at the Spanish Subject Test and I though it was a joke compared to the AP Spanish exam, I realli thought it was that easy. I'm taking AP Chemistry this year, but I doubt my class is gonna be able to get through most of the material on the subject test by November. So yea what do you guys think?</p>

<p>I think your class just didn't cover enough stuff, if you take an honors chem class by the end of the year, you should know most, if not all, of the stuff in the PR book.</p>

<p>yea honors chem should cover most topics</p>

<p>I also had a pretty bad Honors Chem class, and decided not to take the Chem SAT II right after, against the recommendations of my gc and teacher. A half year later, after prepping for a month and forgetting most of the chem i learned in class, I got a 780, which isn't perfect, but better than almost everyone who decided to take the exam right after the class. Point of story; if you want a good chem score, knowing pr and especially barron's cold w/ a decent # of practice exams should give you 750+, regardless of crappy honors class ;)</p>