chemisty placement

<p>do i have to take this even if im not going toward such field? (hate/ suck at chemistry, and never will major in it)
i have not taken ap chemistry test or SAT II.</p>

<p>If your major requires chem (ie all science/math majors) or if you're in Revelle you'll need to take it.</p>

<p>You don't have to take it at all. It merely recommends which chem class you should start in. It's not required.</p>

<p>^sorry, meant to say it's HELPFUL but you're right, not required.</p>

<p>Wait so do Engineers need to take the placement exam or can we just take whichever chem class is needed for our major without it? (btw in Warren, not Revelle)</p>

<p>it's a recommended placement test. it basically suggests chem 4/6a/6ah, although i'd predict that if you remember even the basics from HS chemistry, you're going into 6a. don't waste your time with 6AH.</p>

<p>i don't remember anything from my high school chemistry. so i will be going into chem4 automatically if my major requires it? as said above, right?</p>

<p>or is it better to give it a try and take the placement test? by failing it/ not taking takes me straight to chem 4?</p>

<p>NO major requires chem 4. it also doesn't count towards your "one year of college-level chemistry" for many professional/graduate programs.</p>

<p>you can enroll in whatever class you want, regardless of whether you take it and what you score.</p>

<p>again: the results of the chemistry placement test are a SUGGESTION.</p>

<p>I would recommend taking it though. It can be very helpful.</p>

<p>Initially, I thought I didnt remember anything from high school chem either, but then I took the test and I was recommended for 6AH. I ended up not taking the honors course though.</p>

<p>Moral of the story: take it, you could be surprised by your results</p>

<p>ahaha thanks but honestly i don't know anythingggg. like zero and i won't be surprised.
oh so taking the test will just let one take an honor course or whatever but it doesn't do anything else... right? it's just to go to a higher level of class</p>

<p>no, the results of the placement test are a SUGGESTION. or RECOMMENDATION. </p>

<p>you can take chem 4/6a/6ah regardless of whether you take the placement test or what you score on it!</p>