Cherubs Film/Acting Concentration or Theatre/MT extension

Help! Not sure whether the Film Institute with the Acting on Camera Concentration or the Theatre with MT extension is the right way to go? I haven’t found any reviews for the Film Institute at Cherubs…

Call them to discuss.

@anitapitamom Hi! If you got ANY info about the acting on camera concentration - reviews etc because I just cant find any!! - that would be SO helpful! Im 16 and a current sophomore rising junior and Ive just been desparately trying to find a good summer program for like months now! Its really really important to me because where I live I don’t have access to ANY acting training all year and it is insanely tough. The summer is my only time to train and learn so I really need to go to a rigorous program where you really grow and learn, but it has to be mainly for acting on film! Which has made it a little hard to find a good program haha because there are SO many and so little reviews and things!! I just posted about this in Theatre/Drama Major and the Summer Programs forums (I list some other programs I’ve been trying to look into there!) but no one else really seems to be too sure either! I really really dont want to go to a program that’s too juvenile but my family also said they can’t afford more than like $2000 (which I know is really crazy for summer programs but I think as long as the price is near that they’d be okay with it). So SO SORRY TO RAMBLE about this!!! But yes ANY info you had or reviews youve seen good or bad about any other acting on film programs youve looked at would be so insanely helpful since most applications are closing up! Thank you SO so much!!

@futureactress19 I feel horrible that I just now saw this! I’m not so savvy with this college confidential thing. My daughter decided that she had a ton of MT experience from high school theatre, but hadn’t had a chance to do any film acting, so she chose the screen acting program. She loved it! She said it was the best summer of her life! She met lots of interesting kids from all over the U.S. The dorm was right across from the beach, and Evanston is such a cute little town. She thought all of her courses were first rate, and had an opportunity to act in 14 film shorts which were screened on the last day for the parents. She has stayed in touch with many of the kids, who are now going to top colleges: NYU, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, UT, etc. Let me know if you have any other questions, but we would highly recommend the Cherubs program!