Chicago Waitlist call starts in a week!

<p>Well I know it has begun already, but the official waitlist calls start next week :)</p>

<p>I assume there will be massive disappointments..and a very, very few saved souls.</p>

<p>Damn dude this is intense. Do we get emails or real letters?</p>

<p>Neither. </p>

<p>We get notified by phone calls from Chicago's admissions office. Then, our status on the Chicago account will change from "You are currently on the waitlist.." to "Congratulations! You have been admitted..." :)</p>

<p>if by some miraculous chance i get in, should i expect a call on my house phone or expect my counselor to get a call?</p>

<p>your house :)</p>

<p>thanks. would they leave a message if im not home? nobodys in the house the majority of the day.</p>

<p>Same as you..nobody is in my house anyways. I'm not sure, but they will probably call the next day or send email. (They'll not ignore you just because you didn't get the call, obviously)</p>

<p>Good luck to you, and please post on this thread if you get accepted!</p>

<p>oh okay. thanks, and good luck to you as well! :)</p>

<p>How bout for international students? Call or Email?
Do they call us first or update our chicago account?
What happens if u get rejected?


<p>They still call even if you are international. They figure out the time difference. They call you first, and if you accept, they change the website. So you don't need to zealously refresh UChicago website every 5 seconds :)</p>

<p>If you don't get off the waitlist, they don't call you. If you don't get any news from UChicago until June 20th, you have been denied.</p>

<p>"So you don't need to zealously refresh UChicago website every 5 seconds"
Thanks man this saves me a LOT of time.</p>

<p>So if I dont hear from them at all I just assume that I got denied?
I can get a call anytime between May 1 and June 20 right?</p>

<p>Oh can someone help: </p>

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Yes, you can still have your hopes from May 1 to June 20. However, you should also acknowledge the fact that you get off the waitlist is VERY, VERY slim. It seems like UChicago is your dream school, and so is mine, and it's hard to accept that reality. However, there are tons of people who got waitlisted this year. Statistically speaking, you should just move on.</p>

<p>You should get an email back from your regional councilor confirming that they received your materials. That's what happened to me, at least; I sent a letter of interest, newest grades etc..and my regional councilor emailed me back. Just give it a day or two more.</p>

<p>Haha yeah theres like 2% chance for us</p>

<p>Hey guys, I've heard that we are taking a fair number of the waitlist this year. Hang in there, I too was a waitlist admit. :)</p>


<p>We greatly appreciate your words if they are true and certain</p>

<p>but if they are not, I really kindly ask you to refrain from giving us false hope.</p>


<p>It all depends on yield. Record numbers of applicants everywhere (esp. at UChicago where the increase was something like 50%) means the admissions office are unsure of how many admits are going to actually accept. When you have a high caliber school like UChicago, it's not crazy to think a good portion of their admits will be accepted at Ivies and will take the Ivy League over UChicago, leaving plenty of room for the waitlist!</p>

<p>Good luck to you all!</p>

<p>Lol around how many is a "fair number"?</p>

<p>Usually, Chicago accepts about 8% of waitlist students. (of course, this depends on each year). TwizzWhizz11's statement has been discussed several times; a lot of people assume that Uchicago applicants are cross-applicants with the ivies. However, you also have to understand that all the ivies hit the record low acceptance rate, which means a lot of cross applicants are not admitted to the ivy leagues. </p>

<p>In conclusion, nobody, NOBODY, can predict the yield of Chicago until May 3rd. We just have to wait and pray.</p>

<p>hey guys,</p>

<p>when did you guys send in your letter of interest and updated grades in if you agreed to stay on the waitlist? I'm thinking of sending my letter today, is that too late?</p>