Chicago= What is typical course workload?

<p>Chicago= What is typical schedule/workload?</p>

<p>Using my daughter's account. What is the typical schedule at Univ. of Chicago? Is it 4 courses per quarter? Classes on Friday? I hear they use quarter system.</p>

<p>Four or three courses counts as fully enrolled. In order to graduate, a student needs 42 courses (you can place out of 6 electives with APs though), so an absolute minimum of 36. If you do 42, you can alternate quarters (e.g. 4,3,4|3,4,3|4,3,4|3,4,3 with the | representing a break in the year). If you want to take five, you need someone's signature (possibly the Dean of the College?). Two courses is half enrolled. </p>

<p>From what I hear, there ARE classes on Friday but they aren't too many. If you're lucky and engineer your schedule well, you could get off having one or no classes on Friday.</p>

<p>Quarter system. 10-weeks of classes, followed by a brief reading period and then exams. Rinse and repeat.</p>

<p>Minimum graduation requirement is 42 classes, i.e., half your quarters with 4 and half with 3. My impression, however, is that most students take more classes than that, usually taking 4 classes except when they have a special crunch, like writing their BA papers, or taking two killer lab courses at once. Chicago isn't full of kids who aspire to take the minimum number of classes -- they really like their electives. However, taking more than 4 classes per quarter requires permission and costs extra, and generally isn't done (with good reason).</p>

<p>Yes, some classes and labs meet on Friday. Sometimes my kids have had Friday classes, sometimes not.</p>

<p>oh good to know! I am so excited I was accepted just waiting to hear from financial aid! Does the Quarter system make it easier to travel abroad, or participate in internships?</p>