Chicago's Early-Action Policy

<p>My counselor has been to two college admissions conferences out in the Midwest in the past year, at one of which (at least) Chicago was represented. She made it a point to keep repeating to me that Chicago was a single-choice early-action school, like Harvard, Stanford, and Yale, and that applications were being cross-referenced with other single-EA schools. I found no explicit declaration of this in Chicago's paper application, nor on the site, nor</a> does the Wall Street journal know about it. :(</p>

<p>Is Chicago in transition to this policy or was my counselor totally mistaken?</p>


<p>Your counselor's mistaken. Chicago is NOT a single-choice EA. There was an article somebody posted on this or another board about this. And it says flat out that Chicago's not a SINGLE CHOICE EA...nor do they plan on becoming one in the future. </p>

<p>Another thing. I think the only reason that Stanford, Harvard, Yale cross references with UChicago is because THEY ARE SINGLE CHOICE. Meaning that if a student applied, the applicant would violate THEIR ADMISSIONS POLICY, not Chicago's. </p>

<p>Hope that helps</p>

<p>Damn. It's never comforting to know that the person guiding your future is misguided him/herself. :(</p>

<p>At my dd's school, they don't apply to more than one early in any event.</p>