Chicken Soup--CC Parents Redeemed!

<p>DS loves to make fun of me and my CC addiction. Until Today! He has a cold, scratchy throat and what sounds like an ear infection. I am sending him some soup from grandma's chicken soup as advised in a thread about a year ago... Here is the IM thread where he admits that grandma's soup is a great idea and I inform him that I got the idea from CC. </p>

<p>Mom:i'm sending soup that will come on Wed.
Mom: challah bread?
DS: might as well
DS: dont know what challah bread is, but it sounds jewish and wholesome
DS: this site is so cool lol
DS: best idea ever
Mom:: what idea? grandma's soup?
DS: yea
DS: watching a food network video on it now
DS: on youtube
Mom: ha ha i found it on my parent's forum so quit making fun of it!!</p>