Chico State or Sacramento State

Major: Political Science (Pre-Law)
Level: Undergrad Transfer
Semester: Spring 2020
Ethnicity: Asian American

I got admitted to transfer to both schools and I’m down to these options. This is shaping up to be one of the hardest decisions ever tbh, and I get that both colleges pretty much offer the same type of curriculum and degree, both offers things that I truly like that the other doesn’t.

To start with Chico State, I’ve always romanticized with the idea of living in a small college town, and having a community that revolves around the school. Chico just seems to have that type of experience that most CSUs don’t really offer. When I visited the campus I thought it was the nicest campus out of all the CSUs and it just had a certain charm to it, even the downtown area. Growing up in Honolulu and then the Bay Area, I’ve always lived in big cities and I’ve kinda always wanted to escape (especially being an introvert). I’m not in away way looking to go to this school to drink and party, But I like the fact that it’s in the middle of nowhere. Not to mention when it comes to “prestige” and “reputation”, Chico State seems to be one of the highest in the CSU system.

Now with Sacramento State, this is the school that just seems everyone including my family and professors/counselors are pushing for and recommending, and I can see why. As a Poli Sci Major, going to school in the state capital just makes all the sense in the world as I’ll be able to go to school in the center of politics in the state. I’ll be able to have lots of opportunities for internships and building connections in government. When it comes to campus, I also found it really nice (especially those trees) but I can definitely tell that it was a commuter school and the student life is definitely not the best, but at the same time i loved the diversity within the campus and it just seemed so well balanced with the different people I saw around.

There are things I love about both school, but I can only pick one. And I don’t want to have any regrets with my decision. I’d love to hear some opinions from you guys about both schools, and maybe some other factors to put into my decision. Thanks y’all!

i think you’ve honed in on the pluses and minuses quite well, now you need to focus on your preferences. I am a Sac State alum and my son is a somewhat recent Chico grad.

I’d start by noting that you spend a LOT more time outside the classroom than in it - so the whole package (campus, student body, surrounding community, etc) is perhaps more important than the academic reputation of a school.

As a freshman, i’d steer you to Chico for the whole dorm, college town experience, knowing that most people change their major at least once so, the major you enter with isn’t as critical. Since you are a transfer the choice is less clear on that front. Sac suddenly has a pretty good football team, they have an active Greek system, lots of clubs activities and a pretty active night life in the area. It’s no college town but, you can find the college experience - but you are correct, most of the 25k students do leave after class. so, you have to work for it.

Conversely, Chico will drop the college experience in your lap but, its a small town so, you’ll need to work harder to get great poli-sci internships. They exist - and lots of bay area and sac area companies recruit on-campus.

if your long term objective is law school, go to Chico and fulfill the dream. If you want to work in the Sac area and work in state gov, Sac is probably a better choice.

I too, think you have all the facts in hand. Now you have to decide. I just visited Chico State and agree it’s a wonderful campus. It’s not a commuter or suitcase school like some of the Cal States are. My friend’s DD went to Chico, and it was the perfect idyllic college experience for her. She’s back there after a hiatus, married to a professor there. It’s home to her.

I did not visit Sacramento state but I’ve been to Sacramento, and it’s a nice city. Not like my state capital, Albany, which houses the state government and its SUNY considered the Poli Sci state school to choose. Because of that.

Good luck choosing.

I definitely agree that there’s something about Chico that is pulling me into it. I’ve never been the type to get out of my comfort zone and take risks, and Chico just seems so different when it comes to experience. Sacramento State is the safe choice: great for my major, my family’s first choice, not too far from my family, it’s still a city so I don’t have risks of being homesick. I’ll be going to Law school/grad school after so I can always go to a commuter school after, but I feel a school like Chico, something I’ve always wanted to experience. I just don’t know how to tell my parents because they don’t really like Chico compared to Sacramento.

you should un-apologetically go to Chico. As far as your parents - its not like you are telling them you want to drop out of school and be a bartender in Cabo. You have big plans and firmly believe this is the best way to achieve your goals. Own that and your parents will support you.

This is an adult decision and you are the one who needs to live with the consequences. In my experience, a happy student is a successful student - and you are going to need to be a successful student to get into law school. It is just a couple of years and, trust me, goes by in the blink of an eye. Its just 90 min from Sacramento so family visits won’t be that tough.