Chico State vs UC Santa Cruz

Hi I just got off the waitlist for UC Santa Cruz and decidng on which I should choose between UCSC and Chico State. I will be doing the Art & Design Games & Playable Media at UCSC or Computer Animation and Game Development Program. I know it’s an easy question for some people but I really don’t know which school has a better program and rescource.

academically, they are both fine. spend some time on/around both schools - talk to some students… one will stand out as a better fit for you.

I do know that UCSC is not guaranteeing housing for incoming Freshman (due to possible social distancing needed in the dorms). All of the UCs have sent out letters to this effect. Coming off their waitlist, I would imagine you would be lower on the list for housing. Just something to consider if you really want to live on campus Freshman year. Not sure what Chico has in terms of housing guarantees, but that would be something to check.

I think it is a no brainer choice. UCSC is close to Silicon Valley and it is a UC known for great academics, including CS.

UCSC has a very good reputation for anything games-related, but after looking at the websites for the two programs, it could very well be that Chico State’s program fits you better. It looks like you can get more into the software development aspects of games development at Chico State, while the program at UCSC is more focused on art and design. It just depends on which aspects of game design and development you want to focus on.

Are both the same cost-wise - including room&board?
(SC is HORRIBLE wrt rent costs, whereas Chico will be more affordable, so you need to see what your financial aid package covers and whether your family can afford housing in SC.)