Child added a college tonight, do I resubmit all?

<p>For whatever reason my child decided to submit another application at the wire. I added it to my FAFSA schools but did not resubmit the entire list - should I do that? I can't file my 1040 yet as I will not have 1099 forms for a couple of weeks. I can file by February 15, should I just wait and submit to all plus that last school (an out of state public) when I correct to "filed?"</p>

<p>I imagine that if nothing changed but an additional school, the previous schools wouldn't even be notified. Or maybe that's too logical. Either way should be fine.</p>

<p>If you added a school but did not make any other changes, only the newest school will get that transaction. I assume you have fewer than ten schools in total. After this finishes processing, the next time you make a change it will go to the original schools plus the new school.</p>

<p>If you erased the old schools and added the new school, that is different. In that case, you would have to make any subsequent changes twice ... once to the original set of schools and once to the new school.</p>

<p>Right just added a school and the total is still less than 10. Nothing else has changed.</p>