Child Life

<p>I want to major in psychology and become a child life specialist. Anyone here know one or want to become one? Any tips, info, or stories would be awesome.</p>



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<p>I'm also very curious about Child Life Specialist. I remembered seeing a thread so instead of making a new one I figured I would post here.</p>

<p>If there are any students currently studying for this, or have information perhaps you can help me. I was wondering if anyone knows about another website besides the child life council, and the governments on job growth, and employment outlook for this career. The governments website doesn't have a special listing for this I believe it goes under counseling. Do you have to attend an undergraduate program that is on the council's website? My adviser brought up this career, and I know they don't offer it has a major so I'm not sure what I would major in unless it's psychology, or sociology. I do have the option of an individually planned major. I guess the school could be trying to start a program. I'm planning on trying (no previous experience) to minor in Spanish since I would like to live on the West coast, but on the council's website it looks like the Pacific region has the bigger salary. I know the salary shouldn't be my main reason for majoring in this field, but I would at least like to make a decent salary. If I get the minor would it be better for me to get a BA or a BS? The BA requires foreign language, and the BS doesn't. I know the upper Spanish courses meet other requirements for either degree. </p>

<p>I plan on setting up a meeting with my adviser sometime after school starts. I'm in a freshman interest group that helps decide majors, but right now I have more time to research careers, and graduate programs than I will once school starts. Also I would like to attend graduate school either in California, or Colorado (two states that have programs on the council's website) does anyone know if these programs are tough to get into? I don't plan on living on California because it is too expensive. I'm thinking I would like to live in Arizona, or southern Colorado. I would like to get away from snow, and winter though. I'm more curious about the job growth, and employment outlook, and stability. I don't want to enter a field where there isn't any growth. </p>

<p>My back up major is health care administration. I would specialize in law by obtaining a paralegal certificate. I wouldn't want to go to Law School, but I feel that the paralegal certificate would be plus no matter if I work in a law firm, or if I decide to get an MBA. I could always go to Law school after gaining some work experience in either a clinic setting, or law firm setting. I know I'm just a Freshman, but if i decide to minor than I need to decide on a major to stay on track. If I do psychology than I'm fine because the first year is all electives/general ed requirements. I did volunteer at a hospital and I worked with a child life specialist so I know a little about the career. She was always in meetings during lunch so I'm not sure how much interaction she gets with patients, but I'm sure it's frequent.</p>