Childhood Education Major

<p>Does anyone have any information about the Childhood Education major at Alfred? It doesn't look like it is one of the more popular majors, and I just want to make sure that my daughter will still get a quality education and student teaching experience in spite of the University's focus on other subjects. Thank you!</p>

<p>My child is studying to be a teacher there, has had a positive experience with academics and her work with children. Small classes, so know your professors, about 2300 undergrads, Division III athletics, merit aid, need based aid, housing for all 4 years, off campus housing is very reasonably priced, no Greek Life, Honors Program, co-op, research opportunities, very friendly staff and professors. </p>

<p>School of Liberal Arts
School of Business
School of Art & Design
School of Engineering-ABET accredited</p>

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<p>Alfred</a> University : Financial Aid : Undergraduate Freshmen Scholarships Merit Aid For Incoming Freshmen</p>