chm 1045 book!

<p>I thought I might need the book anyway so I decided to get it right now. According the bookstore, there are 2-3 choices and I am confused on which one to take. There is one called "CHEMISTRY PACKAGE FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY" and another named "Chemistry - A Molecular Approach Pkg (Text w/Mastering Chem Access Kit & Ebook)". The latter book is worth about $50 more the first one. So what is the mastering chem access & Ebook needed for? and would it be a good thing to get it?</p>

<p>I wasn't planning to get the book from the bookstore and was looking for other students to buy one. But if the access & ebook is required than I might have to get it bookstore.
Any input would be really helpful. Thanx. :)</p>

<p>Mastering Chemistry is the online homework for the class. Which honestly, I find to be a joke because everyone that Googles a single question (unless it's recently changed, although I don't think it has) from the homework sets will realize that pretty much every question, if not every question, is on Yahoo Answers. </p>

<p>The ebook is just that- an electronic version of the textbook. It's so you can have access to the textbook without having to tote around the hefty textbook. It's not required to have the eBook (really, the only "required" part is the homework access. You aren't required to have the textbook either, although trust me, it can be a great help). </p>

<p>I don't know whether the CHM1045 textbook has been changed to the new version (the old one is purple, the new one is blue on the cover and binding... no clue what the real differences are) but the purple version is easy to get on Amazon for around $20-25 shipped, plus the I think $45 for Mastering Chemistry, instead of the near $200 they charge for a new set.</p>

<p>In years past the old edition was 99.99% the same and saved MUCH money. I recommend you get the book used and just buy the Mastering Chem ACCESS at the bookstore or online. I thin the ebook comes free with the ACCESS fee. My D found the ebook useless.</p>

<p>Thanx to both of you for your suggestions. I'll just get the book from amazon or from other student and get the access from bookstore. But do the teachers make us use the master access for online homework? and will the chem 1045 book contain both 1045 and 1046?</p>

<p>The FSU bookstore's online course textbook lookup seems to suggest that the same book is used for Chem 1045 and 1046. Whether that's the case, I don't know, since I only took Chem 1045. </p>

<p>I know that when I took Chem 1045 the online homework was I think 25% of our grade. I don't know if every class is the same or not, but I do believe that Mastering Chemistry access is likely a requirement. </p>

<p>Mastering Chemistry is, according to their site, $56, which doesn't include the e-book. I hope that helps you in figuring out how much you're going to pay whether you get the access code included with your book or not :).</p>

<p>Ya I found the book and the mastering code pretty cheap on amazon. I bought the older version though. But my friend has the newer edition and I borrow his book if I need to. Thanx pasbal for your suggestions. :D</p>