Choate compared to SPS?

<p>S is accepted to both - his decision depends substantially on the goalie situation for next season on the hockey team, but other than that, does anyone have any insight or other thoughts on the two schools? </p>


<p>I'm not a hockey player but i'm sure if you were to ask hockeykid841 (who attends SPS) about hockey, he could give you quite a thesis. If Olivia567 still goes on here (attended Choate but left) she could tell you about hockey. </p>

<p>In terms of the school, i applied to both. Accepted at Choate. Rejected at SPS. I liked Choate better because it seemed more lively than SPS. There was more going on.</p>

<p>SPS seems to be a little bit ahead of Choate academically, and from I've heard, slightly more prestigious. Both are great schools, though.</p>

<p>I am sure that hockey is very important to your son, but I would look at both schools in their entirety, not just based on the (anticipated) goalie situation. Both of these schools will be demanding a lot of your son beyond hockey and both offer many other opportunities. In fact, he may find himself spending a smaller % of his time on hockey than he does now. If you like to go to his games, I would consider geography of the schools and their opponents in your decision too.</p>

<p>One thing to keep in mind in terms of athletics. SPS does NOT accept Seniors and PG's. I do not know about Choate. That is a definate selling point for many students as you will not be "bumped" out of your position by a recruit in your senior year.
Overall though I agree with Alevelon23 and you should look at the school as a whole and which would be a better fit. I imagine you'll be going to revist days? Can you meet with the hockey coaches then?</p>

<p>SPS >>> Choate in terms of sports and academic. No comparison.
Choate is also great, though!</p>