choate vs. taft vs. sps

<p>i also got into lawrenceville but i don't see myself going there</p>

<p>All three of these schools felt like the right fit for me so revisit days are probably going to decide it. Meanwhile does anybody know about these schools and how they compare?</p>

<p>Well, don't know much about these schools, but I DO know that SPS almost won the hockey championship this year.....but, I am sure you are up on all of that....good luck with your decision. There are some parents here who have students at SPS.....they should be able to answer some specific questions you might have.</p>

<p>haha yes i am up on that. how did you know?</p>

<p>ok thanks</p>

<p>My applicant applied to St. Paul's (rejected, oh well, got other acceptances), and I was checking out the SPS Web site news links, and read all about it. It sounds like the school really supported the team during the playoffs.</p>

<p>Good luck on deciding among great options!</p>

<p>state<em>of</em>hockey, I go to St. Paul's and would be happy to answer any questions.</p>

<p>BV Hockey did amazingly well this year. They won the ISLs and lost New England's in overtime. Honestly, I have never seen that kind of school spirit on display before - it was incredibly fun for all of us. Our head of school (the rector) played on the BV team when he was a student at SPS (some 40 years ago I think) so we also got regular updates about the team in chapel (which is more like an all school meeting every morning) because he was so excited/ proud of them.</p>

<p>Sps !</p>

<p>SPS BV Hockey is a very good team, very exciting to watch =)</p>

<p>wow it seems like the BV hockey at SPS is amazing not just the team but the fans too.</p>

<p>anything on the other schools?</p>

<p>I will be attending Choate next year and from what I have read/heard/seen, it seems to be one of the most open-minded and innovative schools in the "top schools". I also felt like the admissions committee was really friendly and warm which, to me, was a good indication of the school's personality. Anyway, with all the SPS stuff going on I thought you would like to hear another view :)
Go Choate!</p>

<p>xoxcookie thanks for adding. I also felt that the admissions committee was very friendly. This is going to be a tough choice.</p>

<p>Anything on taft?</p>

<p>Revisit...Revisit...Revisit. Choate and Taft draw a lot of students from Fairfield County and New York City and its burbs. SPS has a wider draw. SPS is great for the highly self-disciplined and self-motivated because students have a lot of freedom to do (or not do) their work. Taft has more active/structured safety net to make sure students are staying on track. Taft is much more sports oriented and in a tougher sports league (which includes Deerfield, Loomis, Hotchkiss). Choate is the biggest (700+). Lots of NYC and NY area influence.</p>


<p>im planning on revisiting on the last week of march.</p>

<p>anybody else revisiting then?</p>