Choice Me Up!, Please :-)

<p>Choice Me for College of Arts and Sciences
• Live in Northern Virginia
• plan on double-majoring in Biology and religious-studies w/ a minor in Spanish
• Junior in high school.
• Total weighted GPA so far is a 4.2, unweighted is about a 3.8 (as of end of first semester of junior year)
• IB Diploma Candidate
• NHS member, International Thespian Society Member
• Have not taken SAT scores yet, but PSAT scores are 9th Grade: 63—CR, 53—M, 63—W, And 10th grade: 70—CR, 56—M, 70—W, and 11th grade 70--CR, 52--M, 73--W
Likely to do very well on writing and reading parts of the SAT, but will need improvement in math.
• National Merit Scholar Nominee
• I love to learn.
• Certified Theatre Tech w/ Fairfax County (that's a job)
• Planning to take a SAT prep course
• Active Episcopalian—acolyte, Region Delegate, youth group, choir… mission trip to the DR
• Taking all IB classes, happy in the IB program
• Have excellent ideas and stimuli for essays, and plan on applying using Embark as soon as I can.
• Straight "A"s in the sciences for freshman, sophomore years (and probably also this year)
• Active in all aspects of school theatre (tech, acting, directing)
• Academically motivated.
• Got 2 honorable mentions freshman year in the Fairfax County Intel isef science fair…(that's not much to brag about…)
• Spent part of last summer in the DR on a mission trip repairing a church
• Applying early decision
• Great likelihood of getting superb recommend from teachers and counselor because I have been active in contact w/ the counselor since the ninth grade and she knows me well. My biology teachers believe in me and have given me good recommendations before
Possibly doing the "So You Want to Be a Doctor" pre-college course at Brown University
"White" (born in Bulgaria)
• Is my GPA high enough?
• What SAT scores do I need
• How will applying ED help my chances?</p>

Do I sound cocky when I write this?</p>

<p>Your GPA is excellent, but I agree that you could improve your math score a bit. Other than that you have a really impressive resume, and don't worry about being cocky - you're trying to sell yourself! :)</p>

<p>On my first attempt at the SAT, I received a 1970: 710 W, 620 M, and 640 CR. I am taking it again this June.</p>

<p>Get your SAT score up to at least 2050 and you should be a match.</p>

<p>Your GPA is on track. Right now it's a low reach, if you get your SAT up to >1300/2050 then you should be a match. Applying ED will help your chances if you're unsure (the stats for acceptees for ED were lower in general than the reg. decision people), I just hope you're completely set on NYU and have observed your other options.</p>

<p>A few pet peeves:
-It's a "Chance" thread
-Subjective/Immaterial items like "I love to learn" & "Academically motivated" shouldn't really be included as far as this goes as it's just clutter.</p>