Choice of bed in unit triple

<p>How do people usually work this out? Negotiate in advance? Negotiate once all there? First to move in gets choice? I'd love to hear from some who've been through this.</p>

<p>lmao can you at least try to pretend you go to the most prestigious public university in the nation.</p>

<p>lol i was actually wondering about this too since i think im gonna be in a triple
also, are triples a little bit bigger than doubles?</p>

<p>the early bird gets the worm</p>

<p>but which worm is the best?</p>

<p>I don't really appreciate that comment (from HeavyMetal). Given that this is new to everyone, and they've never been in this kind of situation before (rooming with two people they've never met in less than ideal (i.e. triple) circumstances), I don't think it's such a ridiculous question. Obviously, it's not the most important thing in the world... but it's something new that freshmen have to contend with.</p>

<p>rock paper scissors</p>

<p>serious response... I was in a double though so no from personal experience. The bed situation should be "worked out" if possible prior to move-in day rather than trying to arrive first and take the "early worm" attitude.... you have to live with these people for the next 9 months! from the friends i had in triples, 2 people are in top bunks and someone has a desk under a bed...</p>

<p>well you get their contact info in early august i believe so you can start communicating with your roommates and ask who would like what....</p>

<p>of course, that doesn't always work...and then, get there as fast as possible to "claim" your spot :D</p>

<p>A very pertinent question, actually. It's always little things like this that those orientations never bring up. The answer is...most of the time, whoever gets there first gets first pick. And for those who say the "first-come-first-serve" attitude is bad since you'll be rooming with these people, don't worry, you won't get into a huge fight with them and not speak for the rest of the year because someone didn't get the bed he wanted and will have to settle for...another identical bed.</p>

<p>If you really have a specific bed you want, I'd imagine you could call your roommates up and ask that they leave you that bed, but it doesn't matter much. Still, lilsunflower asked, so I'll provide some food for thought. Some of this I thought of, most I hear from others.</p>

<p>Top bed above desks: isolated, such that you won't get someone under you that you can just bend under and talk to, but you do get to see both roommates at the same time across the room while they're both in bed. If one roommate is working late or playing computer games late right beneath you, it could be a little more distracting than if you're in the other top bed. It's a pain to make your bed since it's on top, but most college students don't bother.</p>

<p>Top bunk bed: feels less isolated, and farther away from roommates' desks. Making your bed is also a pain.</p>

<p>Bottom bunk bed: you don't have to climb to get into bed every night, and making your bed is easier. If your room is social, people who visit will tend to sit on your bed though. Can't really see your roommates while they're in bed. I've also heard, if you're kinky, there are more positions possible for the bottom bed (for example, the girl can grab onto the edge of the top bed while standing). This is just what someone told me, so take it for what it's worth.</p>

<p>so... is the bottom bunk the best if you're planning to have "guests" for the night?</p>

<p>My brother goes to Cal, and I remember he had these same questions before he moved in, so rest easy! He was in a quad at Bowles Hall his frosh year, and if I remember correctly he and his roommates waited until everyone arrived to sort out the bed thing. There were two single rooms off of the main space, and my bro got a single room (however, those were assigned, though I don't know how they chose; I think it was simply a lottery system). It all worked out great, and he had a good experience there. I don't think anyone will be too snobby. It's easy to believe they will, but everyone is in the same boat you are, so I'm sure it will all work out fine. Which dorm are you in, by the way?</p>

<p>I Call Top Bunk! ;) I found it was normally first come first serve. And if you plan to have "guests", I suggest talking to your roommates in advance so they can prepare for their inevitable sexile. Nothing is more annoying than having surprise sexiles happen to you. Practice common courtesy.</p>

<p>What is "sexile"?</p>

<p>you get kicked out because you're roommate has a 'guest.'</p>

<p>(sex + exiled)</p>

<p>If you're in a triple, there probably won't be enough space for a guest to stay overnight.</p>

<p>same bed silly ;]</p>

<p>only on the bottom bunk though. I'd imagine 2 people + bed beats the pathetic plank board that separates the top and bottom bunk. But if you're still wondering, just talk it out with the roommates. Beds don't really matter the way I see it unless you're really looking forward to have sex in college in a dorm room.</p>

<p>i slept on the floor in front of one of the closets in a unit 2 triple before. it wasn't really all that uncomfortable.</p>

<p>Would you guys rather have a bunk bed + desk( bed on top, desk right under) or a separate bed and desk (not attached like the previous bunk-style)?</p>