Choice of major on app

<p>Hi, I know the USC app allows us to list two majors and says that if we aren't admitted to either, we'll be considered under the "open (still deciding)" option. So, it's obviously to our advantage to list two majors on the app. I understand that USC allows, and in fact, encourages double majors and cross-disciplinary programs of study. If I plan to take a double major in, let's say, computer science and music (piano performance), would I have to list those two as my two choices? If I list two choices, would I be considered for admission into both majors, which means I may receive two, one or no offers of admission - or would I first be considered for admission to my first choice, and upon rejection considered for admission to my second choice? Also, how much flexibility does USC give its students in terms of changing majors, etc.? If I start off as, let's say, a computer science major, can I decide later to take, say, film production as my second major?</p>

<p>To be frank - I have no idea what I want to do with the rest of my life. Among the majors offered by USC, I would be most interested in computer science, piano performance and film production (though not necessarily in that order). I hope to take a double major in two of those areas (though my plans may very well change throughout the next few years). Any thoughts as to what two majors I should list would be greatly appreciated. (I know I must send in an audition tape if I apply for a music major, and that film also has a separate supplement.)</p>