"Choice of words"

<p>I know this appears in the sentence corrections portion, but how frequently does it appear? I noticed that as of late, I've been placing too much emphasis on the diction of the words in the sentences and choosing them (i.e - I would like to engage in play.) How frequently do questions with errors in diction appear? Any types of examples? Thanks.</p>

<p>this brings up a good point. the thing to look for in the ISE questions is NOT whether the sentence is the best it could possibly be, but whether the sentence is acceptable at all. if it's grammatically acceptable in any way at all, then the correct answer is (E), no error. so, technically speaking, there are no "diction errors" in the ISE questions that you should worry about; you're only supposed to correct grammatical errors.</p>

<p>Frankly, I have never seen any diction-errors in sentence error questions in any of the college board tests. btw, "I would like to engage in play" is correct.</p>