Choir and my parents.

<p>I've been in the choir now for six years at my church. But the only problem I can't sing. I know it sounds weird. I've been a male Soprano, Alto, and now I'm Tenor. There's this one kid in my choir who's really good in choir. He and I used to be the Tenors. When our Bass left and went on to college, the kid and I had to separate. I was the only one on Tenor, and he was on Bass. I always relied on him, and sang quietly because (1) I'm not a strong singer and (2) I can't sing lol. Now I'm the only Tenor, and our choir director is always saying I'm doing this and that wrong. Being Tenor is such a drag. I feel so embarrassed because I'm always messing up and our rehearsal always takes longer than it does. I have to learn how to sing, the notes like I'm a elementary school child. (I play piano though, but I can't play my voice well lol) I tried telling my parents that I'm bringing the choir down, but they always say no. I explained to them that I can't sing, then my dad (who used to sing in HS and in college, former conductor and etc. Now he's a Driving instructor lol) says that I'm letting everybody and my church down. Choir rehearsal is EVERY Wednesday, it's taking time from studying, and every time I go I get butterflies in my stomach and prepare for the worst b/c I know it's going to happen. It seems like my parents aren't listening to me. I clearly don't like choir, and I'm not in love with it. Also my piano instructor is the choir instructor. So I'm in a tight position. My parents won't listen, and I'm afraid to let my instructor down. What should I do? Sorry for making this so long. Thanks for reading this and coming down this far. Thanks again.</p>

<p>I would suggest talking to your piano/choir instructor when you're there for piano because you won't be there with other people listening, I'm guessing. Tell him that you were thinking of quitting and you feel like you're letting the choir down. It will help you make a decision either way. That might be quitting or it might be finding a way to work on your singing so that you're less self-conscious. :)</p>