choose school according to business week and Public Accounting Report

<p>Should I choose B-school for underg studying according to business week and Public Accounting Report or usnews?</p>

<p>Yes. Businessweek are the ultimate authority on your life and what college you should choose.</p>

<p>That is wrong. Go with the Top 5 on PAR if you are speaking strictly accounting rankings.</p>

<p>if i hope study master of accounting then it does not matter which my under school is?</p>

<p>I would go with US News because their ranking actually shows strong correlations to placement and top professors.</p>

<p>PAR shouldn't be grouped with BusinessWeek. BW's rankings are some of the worst out there in my opinion because you have schools in the top 10 or 20 that don't have recruiting or faculty to compare with schools ranked 15 or 20 places lower. They base way too much of their ranking on pretty stupid things such as surveys given to students and donations. It really fails to tell you where the best professors want to teach and the best companies want to hire, but US News focuses on exactly that.</p>

<p>Businessweek is garbage. If somehow you know that more than anything in the world you want to be an accountant, then go with PAR and look for top schools in the region you want to work in + Texas, UIUC, Michigan, USC, Notre Dame, BYU (based on what I've seen, these are the top 6 accounting programs and have a strong enough rep to place you outside their region due to brand name). Otherwise, go with US News ALL THE WAY. Businessweek = epic fail.</p>