choose school for accounting study

<p>I will apply several schools to study accounting.First thing first is money then I choose schools among AACSB schools.Is it right thinking?
how about truman state university or louisiana tech University or university of south Dakota? since these univ.'s tuition are fit for for me if not considering scholarship .I do not care location.any one know these schools?Which IS better?
thans a lot!</p>

<p>i'm a freshman at truman, and i love it :)
but i'm a psychology and french major, so i can't offer much advice when it comes to accounting.</p>

<p>My son is at Truman, and his roommate is an accounting major. Like Chocolatelover, they both really really like Truman. The kids are smart, nice, and the education is at a high level. True, Kirksville is a very small rural town, but then the other schools you mention are hardly in big cities either.</p>

<p>Truman is a hidden gem. Go there if you can.</p>

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