"Choose your own topic" for comm app?

<p>I know a lot of people advise against choosing your own topic for the common app essay for whatever reason, but does anyone have any feedback on this potential topic?:
How attending a Catholic, all-girls college prep has molded me into a better woman in aspect of my leadership skills, academics, and faith.</p>

<p>All the schools i'm applying to via common app are catholic or christian (villanova, loyola marymount, usf, depaul, gonzaga)</p>

<p>What do you think of this? Thanks</p>

<p>Maybe try taking on some of the views of a person who is skeptical of a Catholic, all-girl's school. Since you are applying to all Catholic/Christian schools, though, they probably don't need to see this, so maybe you should look for a different topic or find some more specific aspect of your schooling.</p>