Choosing a CP Scholars Program Related to Major

<p>I was just recently placed into the International Studies Program for College Park Scholars which was actually my first choice. I am now having second thoughts whether or not I should have chosen a program that is more closely related to my major. I intend to major in Hearing Speech Sciences/Speech Pathology and I am now worrying that by choosing an entirely unrelated Scholars Program that I've more or less screwed myself over very badly. The International Studies program interested me the most which is why I chose it as my first preference but would it have looked better and be more beneficial if I had chosen a program more closely related to my major, like Global Public Health?</p>

<p>Has anybody been in a similar situation and could give me any thoughts? </p>

<p>I was in Science, Discovery and the Universe and am a Germanic Studies and journalism major (I’m a senior). I don’t regret it. If International Studies interested you the most I’d say stick with it, because you’ll likely enjoy it more. I don’t know a lot about International Studies specifically, but a lot of SDU’s requirements double-counted for my general education requirements (since you have to take things that have little to do with your major anyway), so even though they didn’t count toward my majors I don’t think they screwed me over because they were still fulfilling requirements and I enjoyed them. I’d look up the requirements for Hearing & Speech and the two Scholars programs and see how much overlap in courses is possible. You could also contact the program directors for International Studies and ask what they think - if they’re anything like the SDU directors they’ll be really approachable and friendly.</p>

<p>@NHtoMD I dont mean to steal your thread goodfriendtree, but i was wondering what NHtoMD thought about Science, Discovery, and the Universe? That is what program I will be in and it sounds awesome. </p>

<p>@puckhound95, I really liked it. The people who run it are AWESOME. Dr. Peel is easily one of my favorite faculty/staff members I’ve met. The colloquium classes were cool, one is about pseudoscience and was pretty fun. The excursions they run were also interesting - a few of the ones I went on included attempting to view a meteor shower from an elementary school parking lot (wasn’t successful, but we had fun), visiting the campus observatory, visiting a planetarium and going to the National Zoo (they’re not all astro related lol). I’m not sure if they’re still doing it but I also went on the spring break geology/astronomy trip they offer with one of the other programs to Arizona, which was an amazing trip that I would do again no questions asked if it didn’t cost anything.</p>

<p>Oh, and you didn’t hear this from me, but SDU really wasn’t that difficult…</p>