Choosing a Foreign Language

<p>I need help picking a language for school. </p>

<p>1) Latin
2) French
3) Spanish
4) German</p>

<p>I myself am leaning towards Latin or German, but I'd like to know your opinion.
Please also state why you chose that specific language.
Thank you :D</p>

<p>French -- to be able to watch original old french movies with Belmondo etc..</p>

<p>I chose Arabic and Spanish, although my parents wanted me to take Latin. I took Spanish because it's like the 2nd language in the States. And I don't think you really care about Arabic since it's not one of your choices, so I won't explain that one.</p>

<p>No, it's fine, I'd still like to know your reasons.
My school only offers these four languages, so that's why I'm particularly interested in them :D
Spanish is obviously the most 'useful' in terms of communication, so that's one thing to take into account. But then theres the enjoyment factor.. Can translating classical Latin texts be fun? I'd imagine it would be very thought-provoking? :p</p>

<p>French movies are great, but for educational purposes, what would you recommend? :D</p>

<p>I started foreign language in middle school, so there was only French and Spanish. I didn't want to learn Spanish..I don't care of "useful" it would be. I liked how French sounded, so I picked it. So based on my criteria, I'd pick French or German, since you're leaning towards that. I wouldn't think Latin would be as fun since it's not a spoken language, but I can't say much about it.</p>

<p>i chose latin purely because i thought it would help me on the SATs (im a freshman). also, my teacher has a great reputation, having won hundreds of awards with the jcl (latin club) at our school. now im glad i got latin because the teacher actually teaches us, not just reads the book. id go for the language with the best teacher at your school.</p>

<p>Latin = dry as ****, but looks slightly better on trancript, and will be helpful if you go to med school
French = lots of girls take it b/c it "sounds cool." but not really useful
Spanish = will prolly be useful in all professions, so you won't feel like you wasted 4 years learning something.
German = easy but pointless</p>

<p>this is the general consensus I get, but varies from school to school.</p>

<p>Problem is, my school is brand new, and thus, no past history for teachers.</p>

<p>Lets say, for example sake, that I would go on to Business School in as i-banker. What is the best language now?</p>

<p>How about Medical school? I believe many formal names are written in Latin? But is that the only use?</p>

<p>Chaos, that's a bad mindset for high school. You won't succeed easily in school if you end up taking a class not because you think you'll like it, but because it will look good on paper.</p>

<p>FRENCH. Because it's awesome.</p>

<p>Actually, it really depends on you and your interests. I really didn't know much about French or Spanish when I signed up for French in 6th grade (my mom was the one who wanted me to take the French), but I ended up really loving French.</p>

<p>business = spanish and CHINESE.</p>

<p>but I'm a little biased.</p>

<p>Gregor: Sorry if I come off in this way. Yes, I do want to learn, and I am assuming it will be enjoyable. But, in this case, I am looking for the language which can be implemented into real life most effectively. </p>

<p>This is what my previous examples were about. Not to look good for those schools, but how they can be used within them. Sorry if there was a misunderstanding.</p>

<p>Latin is kick-@ss hard; it's a lot more complicated than French, Spanish, and German. And it doesn't help that there's only one teacher, and she sucks (based on what my friends told me, she constantly contradicts herself so they're never entirely sure if they're learning the right thing). In most of the US (unless you live very close to the US-Canadian border), Spanish is more useful than French (which I'm taking) and German, but, elsewhere, French is (at the very least) equally useful. So pick whichever language you want, but I wouldn't take German if I were you. Like radioactive said, it’s easy but pointless.</p>

<p>Chaos, think about your future profession and your interests right now. say you wish are going to become an i-banker. latin is good but pretty useless then, but great for the medical field. consider spanish since it is becoming more widely spread. chances are though, english will be preferred but spanish will be useful here and there. french is ok if you want to use it, as is german, but realize that they arent as widespread as english or spanish. its up to you, but remember to consider YOUR interests.</p>

<p>Yes, that is true... Maybe I should go with Spanish.
But I had a bad experience with it back in Elementary School. Lets just say, the teacher was over-enthusiastic? Aaah, sadly, I personally wouldn't enjoy Spanish as much as I would like to. Germany and Switzerland are the HQ locations of many top companies? Well for Credit - Suisse anyway :rolleyes:. I was guessing it could help in that manner. My parents advise against Latin, and want me to take Spanish. And then there's French, which is somewhat in the middle. :eek:</p>

<p>Well I would probably pick Spanish just because it is now being used so much in the U.S. and so would pobably be the most useful to me here. French would also be a good choice because of the colonialism of Spain, France. and England you can pretty much go any where in the world and they'll speak on of those three Langauges. German is ok but they weren't as much of a colonial power so german is mostly only useful in and around germany. Latin wouldn't be useful in less you're going to be a naturalist or doctor because it's a dead language.</p>

<p>I hated my Latin teacher. And the book wasn't good.
My French teacher was good.</p>

<p>Comparing the languages..I think Latin advances way too fast. Latin I seems like French 2, comparitively speaking.</p>

<p>Spanish is probably the most practical/useful one to take. However, that doesn't mean you have to (you may, like me, not want to take it! I'm taking French) My friend took a year of Latin and she wasn't impressed by it. German would be fun to take but how useful it would be I don't know. French does get used more than people think (my uncle learned that the hard way, he took spanish & he's been to France twice so far on business!) so it would be another good one. So, I'd say French or Spanish, but if the other's seem more appealing than go for it.</p>

<p>I don't think it really matters what secondary language you speak as an i-banker unless you decide you want to work in a regional office outside America/UK.</p>

<p>Spanish may be most practical in the US (I wouldn't know, I'm Canadian), but I'd say to just choose whatever your most interested in. For me, that would be French or German (or Portuguese or Japanese if either of those were available >_>)</p>

<p>Spanish! You get to have a lot of fun learning spanish, and it quickly becoming on of the strongest languages in the world. Of course I live in northern New England... so french is pretty predominant here, but anywhere else you're all set with spanish. <em>side note</em> My spanish teacher is acctually french-canadian... I admire the irony.</p>