Choosing a less personally expensive school?

Hi! I am a senior in high school and have recently narrowed down my options to Santa Clara University, University of San Francisco, and Saint Louis University.

I am looking to pursue an engineering, environment, or physics degree depending on where I end up going to school, either way I want to pursue STEM along with some type of business possibly.

I am having a major dilemma. If I were to go to Santa Clara, where I have been admitted into their engineering program, I would come out of college with $70,000 in loans. If I were to go to University of San Francisco, if I found work study options, I could potentially only come out with $30,000, and SLU I would come out with around $40,000
Heres what I would do:
Physics -USF
Engineering- SLU

I want to be in california for college, and even though USF is mainly a commuter school, I think it would be amazing to live in San Francisco for four years, it’d be a lot cooler than being in Saint Louis.

The problem is, Santa Clara would be the perfect college experience for me and it has a great student community, the kind that I’ve been looking for since I was a kid, its my dream. But is it worth it for only 4 years and then $70,000 for the rest of my life? PLUS interest??

I want to go to GRAD school and I think if I save my money during Undergrad, Grad school would be a bigger payout. I honestly have no idea what to do because I’m scared that I won’t like the atmosphere at USF. I have visited all schools and Santa Clara feels the best.
Then again, as I mentioned before it’s only four years of my life…

Any advice would help! thanks so much xx

You cannot borrow that much without a cosigner. Maximum federal direct loans are $5,500 first year, increasing to $6,500 second year, then $7,500 each of the last two years.

Your only options are these three schools?

I would have to take out some private loans, I have other options but these are the cheapest