Choosing A Major?

to start with a side note (typical me) - nice revamp of CC going : )

now to my question:
I have been considering 3 majors: bioengineering, preMed, and just straight Biology/Life Sciences. I am considering them all equally at this point, so which is least or most competitive for HYPS, Rice, Northwestern, Wellesley, UCs?

or shoudl I put undeclared? I don’t want to be evaluated as a 'biology candidate - i.e. ‘wait what? Why is she better at drama than she is at math?’ (not true, just hypothetically).

any input greatly appreciated.

<p>Just do undeclared and pick a heavy science schedule your first couple semesters, then when you are a Sophomore you can pick a major which you feel is right.</p>

<p>I think you HAVE to declare a major for the UC's. In general, engineering is the most selective at most UC schools.</p>

<p>oh no, carolyn - haha, I just starting getting really interested in bioengineering. Yes, that's true, I do have to declare something for the UCs. thank you : )
Neat idea from joev - true! I'm only sure that I want to do something in the science - just, in exactly what, I'm not sure. Excellent idea.</p>

<p>I may risk bioengineering for UCs anyway (things may be easier if I can establish residency - I'm on my mom's California tax return. I wonder if that's enough). How about HYPS etc.?</p>

<p>most schools don't have a premed major, but i would think biology is less competetive because, well it's not as academically challenging as bioenginneering</p>

<p>You're right, celebrian, haha. I think it was Stanford which had preMed down as an option, but yea, I was aware that that was an intention, not a major. However, it's still something I would consider indicating.</p>

<p>Any other input, please?</p>

<p>hm, this part of my post didn't really get answered: is declaring a major just for statistical/placement purposes? Or will they evaluate you based on what your major is?</p>