Choosing an Engineering School and (Possible) 5 year program

<p>I have been accepted to NE early action but am still waiting to hear back from other schools, primarily BU. Ultimately my decision will probably be choosing between BU, NE, and UConn. </p>

<p>From what i have read is that all three are similarly ranked for engineering (~50 nationally) but i have also seen that NE is on the rise in all areas. I have visited all the schools once and will most likely be back a second time at an admitted students day in the future. After much consideration I think I would enjoy the Co-Op experience but am also interested in NE's 5 year BS/MS program in which a student can earn both a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MS.</p>

<p>What does College Confidential think of not only the reputation of these schools and the quality of education, but also the benefits/ shortcomings of the 5 year program.</p>

<p>Just a note that the five year BS/MS is a different thing than the standard five year program that most students participate in. </p>

<p>That said, I know nothing about the engineering program.</p>

<p>The standard 5 year program allows a student to earn a bachelor's degree and have 3 co-op experiences.</p>

<p>I have done some research regarding the five year program and have emailed someone at the university familiar with the program. It consists of 2 co-op opportunities and has graduate courses beginning during the junior year. These courses count towards both the requirements for a BS and for an MS. </p>

<p>The course load does not seem to be extraordinary (around 17 credits per semester) but from my understand electives are removed and a minor would only be possibly by taking extra classes.</p>

<p>A student can elect to follow this degree path if they have a 3.4 gpa by petitioning their department head. A student can also choose this degree path after the completion of their junior year.</p>

<p>Coming out with a bs and ms is always an edge.
Coming out with a year of work experience is also a huge edge in. Tough job market that really sets you apart from others with engineering degrees. Engineering co-ops are also some of the best paid, so that doesn't hurt either, to earn som money while in school.</p>