Choosing an Undergrad Business School

<p>I'm a parent trying to guide my son. He has great stats and will have choices. He is less than thrilled with undergrad B schools that require you to apply for your junior year, even though some of those schools have great reputations. I think he just want to know he is in and be able to forge ahead. So, if you think you know what you want to major in, other than a schools great reputation, what is the logic of going to a school that you can't pursue your major in for 2 years and there is a chance that you won;t be accepted??</p>

<p>Wharton above all else.</p>

<p>he should apply pre-admit to Ross at UMichigan.</p>

<p>Other decent choices: Uchicago econ, CMU Tepper, Georgetown McDonough, Wustl Olin, UT Austin Business Honors Program, NYU Stern</p>

<p>Forgot quite a few, don't flame me =p These are the ones that come to mind immediately for me at least</p>

<p>I didn't like risk, that's why I shied away from UVa and UCBerk while applying.</p>

<p>I'm at UC Berkeley (Haas) and love it.</p>

<p>If your son has great stats he might not find it too challenging to get into business school.</p>

<p>Part of the reason I chose to go to McCombs was that it's a 4-year program. During my freshman year I was able to take a couple of classes in the business school and I knew that I was in before I decided to go to UT, which made the decision a lot easier. It doesn't hurt that it's also a top program and every major it offers is highly ranked and recruited. The lively, urban campus was a big draw as well.</p>

<p>Definitely look at Wharton, then NYU Stern, Cal Berkeley, UT McCombs (especially business honors), Umich Ross (although it isn't 4 years),and NU Kellogg in no specific order.</p>

<p>University of Texas at Austin's Business Honors Program definitely gives a good return on investment. You get a MBA styled education at an undergraduate level.</p>

<p>Care to elaborate ManBearPig?</p>

<p>Is Economics major at HYPS more difficult, challenging and prestigious than Stern, Wharton, Sloan, Haas?</p>

<p>A business major is quite different from an economics major.</p>