Choosing b/w ::: Vanderbilt vs. UCLA vs. Alabama (full-tuition)

Out-Of-State for all.

Vanderbilt: Human and Organizational Development
UCLA: Business Economics
Alabama: Make-Your-Own-Major to simulate Vandy’s HOD program

Alabama is tuition-free, and I’m in the honors college. No financial aid to Vandy or UCLA. That said, I won’t have to take out loans wherever I go.

My question is, if I like the vibe of all of the schools equally, would it be dumb not to take the money and go to Alabama? When I talked to my school’s college counselor, she said going there wouldn’t hurt my chances of getting into a top graduate program in business or law, and that I might be better off because I would be able to get more attention / internships than I would if I were at another school. Can anyone speak to this? Is she right?

Also, does anyone have experience being a “higher-tier” student at a lower-ranked school and what that experience is like? Positives / negatives?

Any input would be awesome. Thanks in advance.


You should post this in the Bama forum… you’ll get lots of responses about “higher tier” students at a lower ranked school.

Thank you for those links! Cool stuff over there!

If money is no object than Vanderbilt, imo. If it is better for your family to save their money, then Alabama. Al are great schools.

We “took the money” at an OOS public flagship (UK). Our D is finishing up her freshman year and she has had some very nice opportunities present themselves.

In addition, unlike HS, she seems to have her academic load balanced with just enough free time to get involved in several campus organizations and hold down a part-time job off campus.

It’s just hard for me to imagine this path unfolding for her at one of her top choices where she would have been in the middle of the pack, surrounded by excellent students everywhere.

My disclaimer is we cannot afford to pay our EFC (so moot point) and I’m a big fan of both academic diversity and economic diversity.

Good luck with your decision!