Choosing between 4 schools?

Hello! I hope everyone has had a good year. Anyways, I am getting to the point of making a huge decision coming up. I applied to 10 schools got into all 10, and have narrowed down to 4 for various reasons: York College of PA, University of Rhode Island, University of Connecticut, and Ithaca College. Now I still have to wait for financial aid from URI and UConn, however I just wanted thought about this school. I am Exploratory/Undecided for all but leaning towards Criminology/Psychology, Music/Theatre or Marine Biology. At this point, I may remove York off my list, but with the financial aid< I am still considering keeping this option. Thanks in advance!

Congrats. I’m assuming each school has the potential major you are interested in? Each school is affordable? What are you looking for out of your college experience? Ithaca is a lot different than URI for example.

For marine bio, URI is the clear standout from this group. For performing arts, Ithaca stands out. They’re probably all solid in psych. (A criminology emphasis is a very popular aspiration among undergrads, but for the most part undergraduate psych programs require a broader foundation, and in fact the study of criminology very often falls more under sociology than under psych, because, the more you learn about criminology, the more you’ll see that social determinants are stronger drivers of criminal behavior than individual psychological factors. Soci isn’t on the radar of many high school students, but you might want to scope out that major as well if criminology is a strong interest.)

You’ll need full information on total costs before you can narrow down any further. At first blush I would say that URI would be best for keeping all your academic options open, whereas Ithaca would be best if you’re sure you want to concentrate on music/theater… and I’m not sure what would propel either of the others into first place unless it emerged as an “offer you can’t refuse” financially, or if there are particular Honors opportunities or specific programs I’m not aware of at those schools.

Congrats on having a good line-up of options; hope you get good news in your financial aid offers!

I agree about marine science at URI. That said, Ithaca’s biology program focuses exclusively on undergraduates (unlike UConn and URI), which has its benefits. Ithaca is admittedly not a biology powerhouse, but its course offerings are sufficient at the undergraduate level, and it offers cross-registration with Cornell (one course per semester), which is a powerhouse for organismal biology. Additionally, like many schools, Ithaca partners with Duke’s marine lab, which allows students to spend 1-2 semesters in hands-on marine science courses. Students at any college are welcome to apply to marine science REUs like SURFO at URI.

I’m not familiar with York, but Ithaca, UConn, and URI are all perfectly adequate for an undergraduate interested in marine biology.

Both @aquapt and @warblersrule are 100 percent on point. Read their posts closely.

My only observation is if you go down the marine bio or oceanography path at URI you have direct access to the water. Their bay campus and boat access is great. Plus the general vibe in RI is a coastal one.

Most of the URI off campus living is centered around small, local beach communities.

And aqua culture is super hot at uri right now. Local oyster beds and farming is taking off.

But the others are really good too. So it’s only a side point.

Thanks for all the input, still waiting on URI financial aid before narrowing it down. I’m most likely picking between URI, Ithaca, or UConn because they are much better schools than York and got about the same financial aid as York. Thanks for all the insight I’ll have updates soon enough!

Consider location, ease of travel, private versus public research university, Greek life, campus resources, student body, net cost.

Be careful: what matters isn’t amount of scholarships but final NET cost.
So, let’s imagine a 50k that offers a 20k scholarship, and a 35k scholarship that offers a 10k scholarship, college 2 offers a smaller scholarship but ends up with a cheaper net cost! :wink:

York is very good for health related majors but since you are undecided it might not be as good a fit as the other choices.