Choosing between bachelor's in Nutrition/Dietician, Nursing, Biochemistry, or associate'sSonography

I am trying to choose between bachelor’s in Nutrition/Dietician, Nursing, Biochemistry, or an associate’s Sonography (DMS).

*My opinions:
-I feel like attending BHCC to do Sonography is way too underachieved for me, morally I would like to see myself with a bachelor’s degree.
-Yet, an associate’s in DMS make good money, maybe even better than one of my other choices (biochemistry).
-For Nutrition/Dietician I have to pay tuition of 6k a year (which is the max that I can afford). Plus, I need one year of a Master’s to work in a hospital as a Dietician.
-Nursing is very hands on and a dedicating job physically, especially with night shifts. BTW, I wish to shadow a nurse and see for myself.

What questions should I ask myself, or what do you think I should choose?

Thank You

You want to help people. How much time and how hands on do you want to be?

Ultrasound. Very necessary and respected field. The only person who would think less of you would likely be you. You see patients for a short period of time and work mostly with doctors. What you see helps guide plan of care or even helps diagnose.
Dietary. Depending on where you work, could be more chart review and offering recommendations to providers versus actually talking with patients. Sometimes frustrating when your recommendations arent followed.
Nursing. Lots of options. You dont have to work night shift. I choose to work directly with patients. I work with many members of the healthcare team. I truly feel like I make a direct difference in patients lives.

Thank you for the response.
Do you think that nursing is as exhausting as many say it is? Can you give me a comparison to a cashier(someone who stands for 6-8 hours) for instance?

How soon do you need to be in the workforce and self-supporting? That sonography degree might be the way to go. If you would decide later to continue your education, you would be able to do that too.

Im on my feet for much of my 12 hour shift (I teach ICU, staff nurse ED). Typically get in about 10-15k steps each shift or more. I always ask for help lifting people. Some of it is mental exhaustion as your brain is often always “on” especially the first few years as you have to think through everything so much.

Yes, ultrasound and dietitian is mostly sitting or standing around but also a bit more repetitive doing the same things over and over again.

You’ll have a ton of choices for your future if you choose nursing. It can lead you down so many roads. If you can shadow please do so in a few different environments like public health and case management in addition to hospital/direct patient care. If you find it doesn’t suit you then absolutely don’t hesitate towards ultra sound.

There’s plenty of AS to BS programs out there that are online where you can complete your degree. As for biochemistry, it’s a good degree before going on to a grad/professional program after undergrad. You should also shadow a dietitian in a couple different environments as well. My friend works with adults with diabetes who mostly had/going to have bariatric surgery and loves it, it’s very hands on. My long term care facility has a dietician that works mostly from her cubicle. It really depends on what fits you the most.

Appreciate all your responses. I know that nursing pays better than nutrition in bio chemistry but at the same time it’s more exhausting. As for me I don’t have a preference In any of these majors. Will you say that nursing salary is equivalent to its exhaustion fromPatient care work?
So, do you know anywhere I can shadow a nurse in Boston, it would be better if it was in Boston Children’s Hospital.
Thank you

Do you have a medical condition that makes physical work difficult? (truly being genuine here). I mean, Im old and very overweight and super out of shape but I still do my job pretty easily.

Nurses make a decent salary. If you are talking inpatient hospital nurse, they typically work 3 twelve hour shifts a week, every other or every third weekend and rotating holidays. I love having weekdays off. I like batching my work days together to have longer stretches off without having to use vacation time.

If you dont care which major, perhaps dont be a nurse. If you only have interest in peds those jobs are fewer than adult nursing jobs for obvious reasons (theres more sick old people than young people).

No I am fit.
But I just want to know if you get tired physically because I work as a cashier and I get tired after standing for hours.
Any thoughts?

Um, most people get tired after work no matter what job it is. With age and maturity you adjust. Doing a job that excites and interests you makes a big difference in energy as well. Plus when you only have to work and not work AND go to school it matters as well.

any help

I want to know which major leads to the best career in terms of stats, how easy it is to find a job(without experience in the field), and possible higher pay . I know it’s become a dietitian I must complete a one year internship masters program, but bio chemistry is just bachelors degree change.

Of the 4 areas of study you have listed, Nursing would have the highest starting salary and easily employable followed by Dietician, Biochem major (which probably requires a graduate degree) and finally Sonography. The more college/advanced degree required for the job, the better the salary and job prospects.

Which area interests you the most, would be the area of study I would pursue.