choosing between biology or nutrition degree

I am choosing between biology or nutrition degree and I want to know which one works best, I will be paying $6000 a year for majoring in nutrition, for biology I would have a free ride. Considering the fact that I will be working in Boston call mom which would be best or are they equally good fields.
Please help ASAP

What type of work are you interested in doing? Can you afford $6000 a year?

My D was a bio major. She has a two-year gap position (related to biology) and will then move on to a graduate program. She also had offers to work in a lab, as well as in editing. Her salary is much higher in her gap year program than with her other offers.

Are you interested in being a nutritionist, or possibly working in food science? Will you be a licensed nutritionist following graduation?

I am not interested in specific work. Getting $6000 would be me working all year long and having very little money aside for vacations or personal expenses. , I will be a licensed in nutrition, yes I will be a licensed nutritionist after five years of university.