Choosing between Furman and USC Upstate Honors College (South Carolina)

Hi! I am a senior about to graduate and am unsure of what college to choose. I am leaning mostly between Furman University and the Honors College at USC Upstate. I’m interested in premed with a likely BS in Biology and/or in Psychology. I also have taken many dual-enrollment classes at a technical college affiliated with my high school (greenville technical college) throughout high school. USC Upstate accepts more credits and will cut my time in college by 1/2 and is also cheaper for me. From Furman I also will get lots of scholarships but will be paying around $14,000 per year whereas my costs would be close to nothing for Upstate. I feel that I should also add that Furman is a private University whereas USC Upstate (South Carolina) is public. Does anyone have any advice or comments on either of these schools? Thanks!