Choosing between Furman and USC Upstate Honors College

Hi! I am a senior about to graduate and am unsure of what college to choose. I am leaning mostly between Furman University and the Honors College at USC Upstate. I’m interested in premed with a likely BS in Biology and/or in Psychology. I also have taken many dual-enrollment classes at greenville technical college throughout high school. Does anyone have any advice or comments on either of these schools? Thanks!

Is there any difference in cost for you?

Will either of these accept more of your dual-enrollment classes for credit?

USC Upstate accepts more credits and will cut my time in college by 1/2 and is also cheaper for me. From Furman I also will get lots of scholarships but will be paying around $14,000 per year whereas my costs would be close to nothing for Upstate

I feel that I should also add that Furman is a private University whereas USC Upstate (South Carolina) is public.

Can you and your family pay for Furman without any loans other than the standard federal student loans?

What can your family do with the money you would save by attending USC Upstate? Would you be able to use some of that to pay for MCAT prep and Med School applications or for part of your Med School education? Med School admission is heavily numbers based, and Med School is fiendishly expensive, so the standard advice is to choose the undergraduate institution that where you are likely to get the best grades at the lowest cost.

We would definitely have to take out some loans with Furman which would be better applied towards my medical school education. But I was wondering if it is more highly regarded to go to a public honors college or a private university that may be a little more highly regarded? I don’t want to go to a school solely because it is cheaper but then not be taken seriously by medical schools. In terms of education, students say the learn well at both schools but they say the academics are difficult at both, especially with USC Upstate since the professors tend to make the material a bit harder than necessary.